Reasons to try Ladykin’s Refeshing Icing Gel series

An Icing Gel or refreshing gels might be a new thing to you. However, it’s beginning to rise in popularity in the K-Beauty world. Basically because they give us this refreshing feeling every time. Stress away!

There are a lot of variations of these gels; mostly with different types of plant or fruit concentrates that come in each product.
Here I’ll be introducing one of the fruit variations that you surely would want to try.
Introducing the LadyKin’s Fresh Icing Gel Series. This Icing Gel series comes in three fruit flavors, Watermelon, Mango and Strawberry.


Before I go and talk about each variant let us take a look at these three as a whole.
So as much as each fruit flavor has it’s own unique effect to our skin, there are common denominators that these three share. These icing gels promises to provide rich moisture and freshness to our skin, it soothes the stressed skin, and it can be used to remove skin irritation caused by sunburns. Also to soften skin and prevent unnecessary peeling. It’s very mild and gentle that it is great for sensitive skin.
It is free from possible harmful ingredients like parabens, mineral oils, synthetic coloring and bensophenone. And it is anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and has anti antioxidant properties. It is very safe and gentle that is great for acne-prone skin.
I personally like the refreshing feeling it gives to the skin. It definitely gives the skin a calming feeling which is best for those tiresome and stressful days. What I do is to keep them stored in the refrigerator to keep it chilled for a more refreshing effect.
You can actually use it for a lot of uses other than just for your face, it can be used for the hair as a gentle hair setter and even in other parts of your body as a calming gel for burns and even as a moisturizer for your rough skin. Also, other than using it for my face and neck, I usually use it for those red itchy spots that keeps coming in and out of my skin. [I always have these rash tendencies you see; though I don’t know why and where I got them.] Also I apply them to my knees and elbows. [can’t tell you exactly what effect it does to them but I just love the cold feeling it gives on these areas. hahahah]
You can use this icing gel as often as you want as a mask pack, where you can just wipe off after 15-20 minutes, or as an overnight pack where you just leave it on as you sleep.
As what I’ve said, it is very gentle and safe that you can actually use it daily if you want to. But if you don’t want to apply it on the whole of your face every day, then you can at least just apply them on you under eyes to prevent puffiness; I do that most of the time.
All three comes in these very cute Popsicle-like tubes with their corresponding fruit design on the covers. the popsicle-ish packaging actually is very interesting to me. It gives us this immediate impression that the product is indeed a very refreshing one. All three icing gels has this very sweet yet mild scent that goes with the fruit flavor it has. My personal favorite scent is the Mango, it’s not so sweet and not so overwhelming at the same time. The Watermelon has the lightest scent among the three and the Strawberry scent is kind of a bit on a step higher on the scent impact among three. But all in all I think their scents are all lovely and not the irritating to the nose. So if you have very sensitive nose, you need not to worry about these three (unless there’s one type of scenet you just can’t stand).
So how does these three differ from each other? Each flavor promises a bit different effect from the other.
Watermelon(relaxing); contains 90% watermelon extract, hydraulic acids and allantoin. The Watermelon extracts provide antioxidants that slows aging and stimulates the regeneration of skin cells.

Strawberry(firming); contains 90% strawberry extract which is rich in nutrition and improves the fine lines that are visible in the skin.This firming icing gel gives the skin good elasticity to prevent the appearance of wrinkles.

Mango(brightening); contains 90% mango extract that is rich in vitamin C which provides vitality and freshness for a more glowing skin. This variant also is the most effective for burned and irritated skin.

I love using these three interchangeably [it’s actually basing on what scent I want to use on that day. hahahah]. Though, if I were to choose my favorite it would be the Mango. Not only because of the scent but because I love the glowing effect it actually gives the skin.
I suggest for first time users, is to try all three and choose your pick. It’s like getting to know all of them first and decide on what variant you want to walk your life with in the future[hahahah].
All in all, I love this icing gel series. It’s just perfect for the summer and even on any other season!

This toner is a need! – PRELAB Toning Peeling Tap

In as much as a toner is an important part of our daily skin regimen, there has been a rise of different types and brands of such in the market. Which one is better? Can it be trusted? Would it not harm our skin? These questions might be rising up every time a new type of toner comes up.

From now on, you might want to leave those worries aside because I’ll be introducing you a peeling toner that’s simply a level higher than others. Yes, worry no more!

I’m talking about the PRELAB Toning Peeling Tap. This peeling toner is probably one of the most impressive toners I’ve seen in the market. It comes in a foil packet with a cushion pod on top. So it actually saves you from using cotton for application. And the cushion pod is actually very fine that it feels very soft and gently on you skin.

PRELAB Toning Peeling Tap promises deep cleansing, exfoliating and moisturizing effect. What takes this product higher than every other toners there is is because of it’s moisturizing effect. Not all toners have a moisturizing effect on your skin, and this is the first one I’ve seen with such.. You can actually feel it’s moisture every time you apply it. Unlike most of the toners that just leaves the skin flat and almost dry after application, this peeling toner actually gives you a more radiant and softer feeling in the skin immediately after using. And unlike most of the toners that are watery in substance, this is a gel type toner which actually tells us that the moisturizing effect it promises is not a lie.

This Toning tap is recommended for dry and flaky skin, dull and rough skin and for deep cleansing purposes. Thus said, it give us such effect like removing dead skin cells, smoothing of the skin, it also removes sebum from pores.

What this product prides itself is because it is most effective in removing dead skin cells that gives you a smoother skin. It actually takes our skin to its best condition for a nice canvass for make up. Simply say, it gives us a better make up base. It also has gentle ingredients that are not too acidic and strong to the skin.

So the product goes with a plastic tube with tin covers and 15 toner pods inside. One pod contains 1ml of toner that is just perfect for one use. You can use the whole tube of 15 pods as a 15-day regimen or you can use it every other day or even just for special occasions. But I suggest use it at least every other day if you don’t want a 15-day affair [hahhaha]


What I want to talk more about is the little cushion pod that comes with it. It really interests me how they included these little cushion pods in the product. It not only gives us better application but also its micro fibers provides gentle exfoliation and peeling.

How to use it?

Just get one pod from the tube and gently massage the foil pack back and forth until the product squeezes out to the cushion pod. [don’t do it to forcefully or else the gel would come out of the sides of the cushion; which is kind of a waste and a little bit messy.]

Once the gel product is dispensed to the cushion, just simply apply it to your face with light and gentle strokes. [light and gentle; doing it with force can actually flip the cushion over causing the foil to get contact to your skin. We don’t really want that to happen because it can cause a scratch to your skin. So be gentle]

Sometimes one packet is too much to the face so apply some on your neck as well. Also, don’t forget to give your face a little “taptap” after applying to make sure the moisture sinks in perfectly.

And after using all contents in the packet, just dispose them right away. [I actually think this part is kind of disappointing. I love the cushion pods so much that I want to think of recycling them; tough I don’t know how. [Maybe you can suggest some ideas, I’d love that! *wink wink!] So for the sake of hygiene, I just throw them away.

I really love this Toning Peeling Tap because it speaks truth on what it claims. I’m nearly on the end of my first tube and I’m definitely buying one again.

So if you still wonder which toner is better than the other or which toner you should be using, I suggest you try this peeling toner and see for yourself; how different it is from any other toners.

I love it! and I’m surely using it for a long time!

Learn the secrets behind K-stars flawless skin

When we talk about having a flawless and radiant skin, K-beauty is probably ranked first on the list of the most beautiful women on Earth. And yes, their skin is considered to be their best feature! It’s no longer a secret that along with “K-beauty” fevers that are heating the world market by storm, K-stars are drawing all the attention to themselves with a radiant, porcelain-looking skin that seem to not know what does “aged skin” means.

K-stars have gained their recognition not only by their talent or industry, but, for European and US women, a part of their popularity is their perfect skin! Therefore, a simple question comes naturally in our mind: What are their secrets? What do they really do to maintain that kind of skin and how come a single pore cannot be seen even at K-stars that have passed their 30s or 40s?

Well, we’ve got some great news for you! Some of the most favorite K-stars have already decided to share their secrets and beauty regimen with us. And as you might have probably guested, BB Cream is commonly used as an essential beauty product by almost all of them. Maybe it’s due to the fact that this cream is used for multi functional reasons.

Here, let’s have a look at these K-stars side of story

K-stars beauty secrets
Hyun-Jung beauty secrets
  • We cannot start talking about beauty secrets of K-stars without mentioning one of the most well-known actresses and model. We’re talking about Hyun-Jung, and her literally flawless skin! She can easily make every kind of woman, at every age, feel jealous and wishing to have her glowing skin. Her bestselling book, “Go Hyun Jung’s Texture”, perfectly describes some of Hyun-Jung beauty regimen philosophies. They include a constantly usage of snail creams for regenerating and maintaining her skin pH as balanced as it can be. One of this K-star typically morning routine includes a generous amount of her hydrating face cream and BB lip balm. They can make her face look instantly healthy and fresh.
Bae Su-ji beauty regimen
Bae Su-ji of Miss A band
  • Bae Su-ji of Miss A band, when asked about her beauty regimen, she confirmed once and for all that the 4-2-4 rule is what has worked for her skin! She cleans while massaging her face using some face oils for about 4 minutes. Then, for 2 minutes she washes it with normal face soap. And finally, she rinses her face with cold water for another 4 minutes and let it dry naturally, without using any towel.
Sohee of Wonder Girls band skin beauty regimen
Sohee of Wonder Girls band
  • Sohee of Wonder Girls band has her own beliefs when it comes to her favorite make up routine. This K-star strongly believes that the key to her healthy skin is her four-step regimen. She admits her must have components are: her BB cream (all in one product that especially works as a moisturizer), face mask, sunscreen and facial mists! Well, this “secret” sounds familiar to us too, don’t you think so?
Ji Won of Spica flawless skin regimen
Ji Won of Spica
  • Ji won of Spica, one of the most favorite K-stars admits: “I prefer to use tint rather than lipstick these days, Korean gals don’t call it makeup when they put BB [blemish balm] cream and just tint only.” She also added: “For me, basic makeup is preferred. I’d draw some shade on eyes, lines at the edge as my eyelids are thin and apply mascara all over.” We cannot add anything more on that! Cheers to you darling!

And some other celebrities too…

Jennifer Kim beauty secrets
Jennifer Kim
  • Jeniffer Kim is a famous Korean YouTube vlogger and also, a reporter in Korean TV style. She has not hesitated to share her routine with us too. Her tip? – “My holy grail Korean makeup items include Laneige Water Drop Lip Tints, Skinfood Tomato Cool Jelly Lip Tints. Also Holika Holika Aqua Petit Jelly BB Cream, Hera Sunmate Daily (Sunscreen), Clio Professional Kill Black Brush Eyeliner… And the Laneige Pore Control BB Cushion.” According to her, Korean make up is just amazing! She has admitted that this K-beauty industry is always innovative, creative and affordable. They do the job and are totally worth it!
Sulli beauty secrets
Sulli of f(x)
  • Sulli of f(x) is just another K-star with an amazing, silky skin. We have so much to learn from this K-star! She has been the ambassador of Etude House Cosmetics for a long time. But now, she has admitted to use Sweet Recipe Baby Chouc base which is a primer for soothing her complexion. It makes her skin radiate before she uses BB cream. Her skin tells it all.



Why we all need Natural Pacific Fresh Herb Serum in our lives

Keeping our skin in the best condition it can possibly be is never impossible with the rise of certain skin care products in the cosmetic industry today. And allow me to introduce to you yet another magical concoction in a bottle that will surely take your skin to the best condition it can possibly go. And serums are what I’m talking about.

NATURAL PACIFIC’s FRESH HERB ORIGIN SERUM. This serum might be the answer to a number of your skin problems and give you a the healthy skin you have always been dreaming of.

You might be wondering what on earth a serum is? Do I need them? How would it help me? And so on. So before we delve into this product, allow me to explain what serums are.

What is a Serum? Serums are cosmetic products intended to deliver certain nutrients to your skin. It has a fine molecular content that assures better absorption of nutrients in the skin. With this said, depending on the ingredients and results a certain serum is intended for(either repair or nourishment) serums are like vitamins and supplements to our skin. We usually use them after our toner and before our moisturizer.

Do you need them? I say YES! Whether you think you already have a healthy skin, serums can help keep your skin nourished daily. And if you think your skin need a little bit more help, then all the more you need a serum in your life. *wink wink*

Now I’ll just tell you this before anything else, that serums are not moisturizer substitution. You still need to moisturize. Why? because moisturizers have a protective barrier effect in the skin that blocks external debris from your skin while serums don’t. So don’t confuse them.


One of the best serums I say available on the market. It promises an Ant-aging, Pore care, Elasticity, Brightening, Smoothing, Balancing and Repairing effect.

it’s Key Ingredients include:

Patented Antioxidants like Mulberry and Pomegranate,

Vitamin Fruits and Argan oil that contains Vitamin C and E which helps with acne-prone skin

Tartaric Acid from Grapes, Orange, Apple, Lemon and Lime which prevents skin problems and improves the condition of the skin

Korean Pasque Flower that helps in calming and purifying the skin. It is used as a skin conditioner thus improves the elasticity of the skin.

Japanese Pepper which is packed with Tocopherol and Vitamin C that helps protect skin from external causes.

Usnea that fortifies the skin that is prone to damages.

and its main ingredient;

Rooibos which is a plant found in South Africa that promises to improve skin condition, help alleviate skin problems like sunburns, uneven skintone and acne and provides UV protection to the skin.

it is greatly recommended for saggy skin, dry and rough skin and skin with visible spots.


basically saying this serum both promises a repairing and nourishing effect to the skin.

And talking about skin repair, this serum prides itself as the “Scream Serum” because of the sting it gives you the first few times you use it. But don’t worry about it, the sting is not because it has strong ingredients like alcohol, It is because it’s nutrients are seeping in the cracks and damages of your skin helping it to repair. The more sting you feel the more damage you skin has. Just continue using it for a few days and the sting will eventually subside.

And I vouch my name on this! The sting lessens daily until it doesn’t even sting at all in such a short time, depending on how cracked your skin is (for me around 3-4days. hihihi) which no doubt tells us it helps our skin repair fast.

This serum is a combination of Oil and Water and it comes in a 50ml bottle with a dropper. What I like about it is the smell. It has this citrus scent that reminds me of my favorite candy. Some of you might find it weird but I love the smell!

so how do you use it?

because it has two kinds of consistency, an oil substance and a watery substance, first step would be to shake it. What I do is I take the bottle upside-down(so secure the cap please!) and shake it very carefully in ten counts until it dissolves completely. [again, carefully and not roughly. we don’t want too much bubbles forming inside the bottle.]

I use my palm and dispense just the right amount on it. and apply to my face section by section. After applying to my face, I make sure to apply some on my neck as well. BEAUTY TIP! Every time a product prides itself with a brightening or whitening effect, always take the extra step of applying some to your neck. We need our face and neck to be in sync. *wink wink*


next would be your moisturizer and sunscreen to complete the steps. easy!


How effective is this serum? I say very much! in a few days of using it I already saw great improvement to my skin; my pores smaller than before and my skin definitely brightening (not really white but it is glowing in a very nice way). Even my friends and family asked me what I used recently that my skin improved and I didn’t hesitate to answer their question. [recommend!]

It actually gave me the courage to come out of my home without makeup. that’s how great I saw the effect is and I’m definitely using this forever! [unless a better one comes out. hahahah!]

I really hope this review helped you and convinced you to try this amazing serum because we all definitely need this in our lives!

Mangchee Lifting Mask Pack – a must try natural pack!

In the rise of the mask pack fad in the Korean Beauty market nowadays, you probably won’t know anymore which ones to try and which ones to avoid. I would understand if you suddenly become careful of what you buy from the wide array of products presented before your eyes.


Today I will introduce you to one overnight mask pack that you definitely want to try – MANCHEE LIFTING MASK.

Mangchee, short for Mango and Cheese is one of the mask packs available that I would say a must try! It’s very effective and safe for it uses mild formulation. This is formulated paraben -free, Talc-free, synthetic color-free, animal ingredient-free and benzophenone-free. Basically saying it won’t irritate your skin like some of the mask packs in the market. I would say truth about this. I have tried some other mask packs and wake up with red spots caused by irritation in the morning, but this baby doesn’t! And that is one thing I like the most. [I have a very sensitive skin you know; hihihi!]

The product prides itself with four main ingredients which are Mango, Cheese, Camellia Sinensis Water and Witch Hazel Extract. The four key ingredients (as seen in the packaging) makes up this one unique pack.

Mango: contains Vitamins A, C & D and rich minerals for skin protection and helps in clarifying skin tone.

Cheese: helps in the absorption of vitamins and moisture. This is also the one that aids in the firming and lifting effect.

Camellia Sinensis Leaf Water: This comes from the tea plant Camellia Sinensis which is also known as the green tea extract. It has anti-oxidants and anti-carcinogenic effect which rids the skin of dirt and protects the skin from UV exposure. Too much UV exposure can be a great risk on having skin cancer.

Witch Hazel Extract: [This might sound a little skeptic considering it has “witch” in its name, but don’t worry its not scary at all. In fact it holds most of the magic. hahahah~!] The Witch Hazel is a shrub that bears yellow flowers that can be usually seen in the America and Asia. It is used as treatment for boils, cold sores, wrinkles, pimples and acne, razor cuts, saggy pores, burns, puffy eyes, insect bites & poison ivy, bruises, nail & foot infections, cracked heels, varicose veins, eczema &; psoriasis and dermatitis. Basically saying this is the magic ingredient.

and one bonus ingredient;

Shea Butter: This is rich in Vitamin A & C. This provides nourishment and moisture to the skin that helps in relieving itchiness caused by dry skin.

With these four key ingredients, this product champions these benefits as well;

Lifting effect: the mask pack is made to invigorate those dull and damaged skin. It prides itself having “the most powerful anti-wrinkle ingredient in nature”. The Witch Hazel extract reduces the inflammation on the skin and the Camellia Sinensis Leaf Water refines the appearance of pores.

Anti-wrinkle effect: With the help of the Vitamin E and the effects of the Camellia Sinensis extract, this overnight mask pack gives the skin elasticity and vitality. This slows down the aging process on our skin.

Moisturizes skin and softens & smooths the skin: This mask pack has ingredients that exfoliates dead skin cells which helps the skin look radiant and soft. Its moisturizing effect helps keep the skin’s resilience and reduce the appearance of fine lines in the skin

Adding up to that, it also offers sebum control and pore tightening effects in the skin. It also helps in the uniform improvement of the skin tone which leaves the skin even and free from dark spots.

Like what I have been mentioning this is an overnight pack. Basically you leave it on after applying in the evening and wash it off as you wake up in the morning.

BEAUTY TIP! Instead of washing off with water, take it off while carefully rubbing an ice cube on your face. This way you can maximize the pore tightening effect and give your skin a refreshing morning ready for the day ahead.

It might feel a little heavy on the first few minutes after applying, this is because of it’s semi-cream substance. However after waiting for 10 minutes or so you can already feel the product getting absorbed. It leaves a very light and nourished feeling to your skin. I can say the product absorbs well because the moment you wash off in the morning there’s no slippery feeling of a residue left on your skin. This assures you that the product was taken by your skin well.

The product comes in a 50ml jar with a spatula. The thing I love about this mask pack is the spatula and the double covered lid it includes. This only tells us how it promotes good hygiene in each jar. [You would always want is to keep your cosmetic products as clean as possible, you see.]

And I like it’s light mango scent that is very friendly to the nose and very calming as well.

In as much as you are skeptic on trying out mask packs, I’d really love it if you would take my word for this baby. This mask pack is very safe and effective. This is by far one of the best mask packs I’ve tried and I believe you would love it to!

TonyMoly egg series might be the final answer for your blackheads problem

What is Tony Moly egg series? Do you really get what you’ve been told?

Even though there might be a lot of products that claim to help you facing with blackheads, this case usually end up the same for everyone. They do not fully disappear! Let me show you something that might change the way you see blackheads forever. If the Tony Moly egg series name doesn’t ring a bell to you, then, unfortunately, you have wasted your time and money searching all this time for a product that actually exists. We all know that blackheads are something that many people have to deal with.

They are actually small bumps that appear on your skin due to clogged hair follicles. They are called “black” due to their dark color which appears on the surface of the skin where dead cells and oils collect, in the opening to the skin follicle, producing these bumps. Tony Moly egg series are a group of products that, despite their cute packaging and claims, seem to do their job pretty well too…actually, more than you can expect from any other product.

We all know the importance of eggs in the battle against blackheads and another important thing you need to consider is the fact that Tony Moly egg series products contain real eggs and there are not suitable for people allergic to its elements. But, what makes these products so desirable?


What are their real benefits and why are so many people going viral through all social media sites claiming about their real “magical” results? Well, we had to try them on and we strongly believe our blackheads might have finally faced their real, strong and unbeatable enemy after all these years of endless products and DIY methods…

Here is a close view to their usage, content-wise elements and other specifications before you become just another obsessed person with these cute egg shell products.


One of the most well-known Tony Moly egg series is the deep pore cleansing foam. This product is so gentle with your skin but on the other hand, it effectively cleans all your pores making it perfect for everyone who wants a clean, healthy effectively product that serve all the purposes. Egg pore deep cleansing foam is a special scrub which works as an effective blackhead remover and also, it extracts all the unnecessary oil. Rich in egg yolk nutrition elements, your skin gets instantly smoother and healthier!


Another popular product by Tony Moly egg series product is the Egg pore nose pack. It’s a powerful suction nose sheet that is claimed to work wonders since its first usage. With its clean hardwood charcoal makes it almost impossible for your close to nose skin area, to contain any blackheads and whiteheads too after its usage. It deeply penetrates in the roots of your nose pores by not only removing all the blackheads, but also by leaving your skin so soft, you will need a mirror to verify if your skin is still on its place or not!


But, we haven’t told you yet about a product that people all over the world swear by it. If you are searching for something stronger for your difficult and large blackheads, you might want to consider another product by Tony moly egg series called Egg Pore blackhead steam balm. This works as a steam bomb to eradicate blackheads to the fullest! A wonder product that works as a thermotherapy without a stream towel! It’s a self-heating balm with sulfur spring waters which gets warmer by rubbing it on your face. Its strong steaming effect has the ability to open your pores so it can better treat blackheads by deeply removing them. People claim that this thermotherapy product is so effective; they haven’t seen anything like it before.


But, if you give this product a try, you cannot claim a complete skin caring routine without then applying the Egg pore tightening cooling pack. This is considered to be e powerful self-cooling pore pack that closes your large pores and not only that, it also really tightens them in a way you can see and feel! Its cooling effect leaves you with a flawless, smooth skin and a big smile on your face. And the best part is, you will no longer need an Ice pack massage to achieve that. Your skin temperatures will natural decrease! The main reason this product is an essential part of your skin care regimen, it’s because you’ve already cleaned the pores, and then you need a specialized natural product to instantly close the empty and opened pores and tighten your skin so eventually they will no longer get created.

To keep in mind…

And for a final touch, Tony Moly egg series have created the Egg pore yolk primer. Just like its name, they are inspired by egg yolk, creating the perfect silky primer, with egg yolk extract. We tried it out and just like its fans claim; it really minimizes the appearance of your pores.


They do also claim that the biggest help this primer gives is on the fact that its rich and nutritious egg yolk elements fill the widened pores, and hide fine wrinkles and bumpy skin. Well, it seems the might be telling the truth considering their popularity and honest reviews that females worldwide have not hesitated to give…

Now it’s up to you to consider them or not…

What’s your favorite Korean sheet masks?

What Korean sheet masks really do?

K-beauty brands have produced a ton of too good to be true Korean sheet masks for us to feel free to choose. If you are not a K-beauty lover yet, maybe it’s time to reconsider the true benefits that this Korean beauty industry can offer. But in this article, our main focus will be on one of the most obvious trend and obsession; the Korean sheet masks! These life-changing face masks have been a huge trend for the last years, embraced by women (and men too) all over the world and not to forget, celebrities , which in this point, do not agree to differ from others and let their skin not to experience what’s so called the Wonder Mask!


Korean sheet masks main intention is to deliver some very concentrated doses of hydration and natural ingredients on your skin to make it really healthier since its first usage! It’s not a surprise considering that natural elements are exactly the reason why Korean beauty brands are feeling so proud of.

And you know why Korean sheet masks can guarantee such an amazing effect? Not only because they are packed in so many rich ingredients, but because their material too. They work as a barrier that lock all the ingredients in and make them impossible to vanish into the air during its appliance, guaranteeing you 100% effectiveness during every second being on your skin. This beauty routine must have definitely caught your eye while you’ve been scrolling on your social media feed! Well, have you ever wondered why so many people, despite the ghostly-looking face when applying them, have completely trusted the wonders that these Korean sheet masks do?

How to choose your favorite K-beauty sheet mask? (If haven’t decided yet)

K-beauty, even though it might seem to offer too many overwhelming selections of sheet masks, actually is thinking about a practical, natural solution for every kind of suffer a skin can experience out there…

That is why you need to get to know them in order to best decide the one that can potentially perform miracles on you! Korean beauty industry produces these sheet masks thinking about the REAL miracles nature offers us every day, with rich, powerful ingredients.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind if you haven’t chosen your favorite sheet mask yet…


Start with basics. Green tea and Tea tree masks are a great start for everyone who is feeling confused and want to start with a gentle type of Korean sheet mask. Green tea masks are packed with tons of antioxidants which soothe the skin and give a major help in reducing redness. They also help fighting free radicals on the skin which cause wrinkles, acne, loss of elasticity, blackheads etc. Snail sheet mask is also considered to be one of the most powerful (and old too) inventions for the deepest moisturize a skin can get.

If dryness is your concern, especially now that cold weather is right in the corner, we bet your favorite will be the aloe, honey or rice sheet masks! This type of Korean sheet masks tend to be so powerful, that some studies claim Manuka honey and aloe Vera masks increases your skin moisture by 125%. Rich in vitamin B3, these ingredients quickly calm and brighten every type of skin.

If your main goal is to reduce your acne and different scars, on your favorite list of these K-beauty wonders, you must definitely have some sheet masks that can perform amazingly well on this skin condition. For those you still are not convinced, keep in mind the Vitamin C. This vitamin boosts your collagen production, which is often accompanied with breakouts on skin and leads to acnes and wrinkles.

Too many possibilities makes it a little hard to choose a favorite one, or two…so, our advice? Just put a sheet mask on your face and let it fully optimize the penetration of its ingredients because after all, the best answer you can get is the one that comes from your skin only!



You see, Korean brands, not only can offer you a large variety of beauty products where everyone can find himself, but, they also strongly promote what’s so called Korean beauty secrets by applying true, organic and high power ingredients that do not only have the ability to reflect instant results at almost every type of skin but they do also make everyone believe that today, a good, permanent investment on the skin, can still be made…


Vanpir Dark Repair Series for your anti aging treatment

Let’s face it, there is a strong reality in all of us when I say we all have that wishful moment wherein we dream to become a vampire ourselves and never grow old. I’m guilty of it myself. I mean who would ever not want to look as young as possible for the rest of your life?

Thus said, I’ll introduce to you yet another genius in the K Beauty industry that will eventually make you age backward! This might sound a little exaggerated but I want to believe that this product indeed live up to it’s name.

Ladies and gentlemen, I introduce you to Ladykin’s VANPIR DARK REPAIR SERIES!

Like what it’s name sounds like, this product takes pride in it’s vampire effect, specifically saying, it’s whitening and anti-aging properties. But don’t worry, you won’t be as hard and cold skinned as they are. You’ll still be a living human after using bottles and bottles of these products. ahhahaha!

So what does this Vanpir Skin Series include?

-Dark Repair YOUTH ACTIVATOR (Ampule)

-Dark Repair CREAM

-Dark Repair WATER MASK
This Korean skin care series promises a Whitening, Wrinkle Care, Skin Elasticity, Moisturizing and Calming effects in each bottle.

It’s common ingredients include:

  • ARBUTIN – for it’s whitening effect
  • CENTELLA ASIATICA – which helps calm, relieve irritation and protects skin from damages caused by external factors. and the highlight ingredient of all,
  • DRAGON BLOOD – which promises an anti-aging effect, improves skin tone and minimizes dullness and unwanted bumps.

You might be freaking out right now because of the Dragon Blood that goes in it, that’s not real blood.

Dragon Blood (Croton Lechleriresin) is a substance extracted from the bark of a tree that originated in the Amazon area. It is a red liquid substance that actually looks like blood, thus the name is given. This extract is known of it’s anti-aging effect that is becoming popular in the cosmetic industry. It is actually a very popular if we talk about “age delay”.

So let’s get to know each product closely; shall we?


Best for whitening and wrinkle treatment. It minimizes visible spots through it’s whitening properties.


Some of it’s ingredients include:

Adenosine which helps reduce wrinkles

Ginseng Callus Culture Extract which helps energize the skin, reinforce skin barriers and prevents damages to the skin.

Camellia Sinensis Leaf Water that gives a purifying effect on the complexion and brightens skin tone.

This anti-wrinkle ampule can be used both in the morning and during the night.


Also popularly referred to as the “Vampire Cream”. This cream provides a rich moisturizing effect that supply a good amount of nutrition to your skin.


Like the ampule it contains Adrenosine which improves skin elasticity and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

The cream actually feels a little thick upon application, but it eventually absorbs well in the skin so you don’t really have to worry of it feeling sticky and thick on your skin.


This is a lightweight moisturizer and anti-aging sleeping mask. It’s active ingredients include:

Rosa Damascena Flower Water that keeps the skin healthy

Green Tea & Canellia Water which helps improve skin tone, strengthens skin moisture and tightens skin

Papaya Fruit Extract that rids the skin of dead skin cells

Hydraulic Acid which functions as natural moisturizer


What I specifically love about this Water Mask is it’s hydrating effect and sebum control & pore care benefits. It is water based thus it doesn’t feel greasy in the morning. So you actually wake up feeling fresh. Perfect for people with naturally oily skin; like me. LOL!

The whole Cosmetic Series itself gives off this non-oily feel every time you wake up in the morning which only tells you that it is absorbed well by your skin and it gives you just the perfect amount of moisture you need.

What I also love about this series is that it also take pride in it’s “5 Free” ingredients. [Paraben-free, Animal derived ingredient-free, mineral oil-free, benzophenae-free and synthetic color-free] Which tell me this is indeed not just effective but safe for my sensitive skin.

And yes the packaging is the actual bomb! I seriously love that vampire fangs on the bottles that gives a strong reference to it’s vampire claims.


Lastly I might say, because this is a great and effective whitening product, I suggest you take the extra mile of applying the product on your neck as well. Also while you’re at it, try some whitening products for your body; most especially if you’re a little tan in color. This is specially my beauty tip for you. You won’t really want a whitened face that would look awkwardly unbalanced with the rest of your body; right? Uneven skin tones are No No! *wink wink

I actually want to give this product a whole lot of thumbs ups because of it’s claims that are actually true. In as much as we thought impossible before, that Vampire complexion is actually very much achievable. I say, this is by far the best anti-aging wrinkle care product I’ve known!

Why is everyone becoming so obsessed about K-beauty?

The beauty offerings of Korean cosmetic brands, K-beauty, have quickly became worldwide famous. Some might say it’s because these Korean beauty standards which seems to guarantee some true and natural changings on every type of skin condition. Others might say these Asian products have been there for a long time, but the market was so overfilled with mostly American or European products, that didn’t let the true beauty inspires especially Korean beauty brands, to shine their light.

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All of the Korean cosmetic brands are offering a simple rule for immediately solution of the most simple to advanced skin problems: Work with your skin on the inside! Some of the most Korean beauty secrets are nowadays been developed in a way so every woman can buy these natural wonder elements and try them on their homes. It all started when K-beauty decided to bring a new concept about self-caring.

A concept that would permanently change the beauty market needs. They brought unique ingredients, special applying methods, affordable products and some worth the size packages. But most importantly you get some products that deliver true results! Maintaining a healthy and glowing skin or hair with organic and natural ingredients, combined with the latest and one of the most advanced technology methods in creating those beauty products, is what Korean beauty brands see as a necessity nowadays.

All these indicators can easily give to everyone a logical reason why these Korean products are so highly demanded from women worldwide. They actually have quite some time being on the top of selling products on every drugstore especially in USA.

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Did you know that an article published on The Cut claimed that only in 2015, according to the Korean Costumer Service, the export of Korean beauty products was increased by 60%? And not to mention the fact that these products are expected to be the number one requested for a long time in the future. Experts claim that American women and most of the European too, have now started to embrace a more natural look. They finally see the importance of preventing and maintaining a healthy skin from the deepest levels not just covering it by foundations or contouring. A new way of understanding has come in their way by seeing the real importance in age preventing methods, wrinkles, blackheads, acne elimination and a lot more. Despite the large amount of American brands that promise their products will definitely make every female achieve their ultimate skin balance, it seems that Korean beauty style is different. They let their beauty products do all the speaking and promises.

Another good reason why Korean Beauty products stand out in the worldwide market might be the unique ingredients that you cannot find anywhere else. They try to implement as much as they can natural and botanical elements on their all kinds of skin products. They use an advanced technology and are dedicated to make possible for everyone an instant and very effective quick result, mostly focused on age preventing, damaged hair, eye and face wrinkles etc. Their main focus is making the skin be as much as healthy and hydrated as it can be with only natural, rich and powerful elements. Their beauty products tend to be multi-purpose and packed into some cute and considerable amount for everyone to fully enjoy the benefits.

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K-beauty products have come with not only a very advanced technology, but also with some unknown ingredients like banana extract, volcanic cluster, snail extracts, Gotu Kola or bamboo extracts that promise some fully effects on every skin. That is why so many costumers believe K-beauty is the new standard of skin care. And they might be right! Their natural beauty tips are amazing! Through careful well introduced steps, Korean beauty is taking self-care into a whole new level of effectiveness. They keep their promises and it seems women around the world know that. Korean products seem to be so much more than just a temporary phenomenon!

Korean cosmetic brands are working hard to reach through every social media sites, to the needs of their worldwide, now happy clients. They provide some advanced technology formulas with some of the most interesting organic products and make them available for everyone to reach through websites or social getaways. They are also selling them with some very affordable prices so anyone can have the possibility to at least experiment them once on their skin. Then, they let the quality speak for itself making women everywhere to want more and more of these wonders.

The ultimate Korean skin care regimen! (10 steps)

When it comes to skincare, K-beauty knows what is talking about! Korean skin care routine is deviated into 10 simple technical steps that every female should learn. Even though it’s the extended version of every other regimen, these Korean beauty tips are the ultimate processes that you need to follow for glowing, healthy porcelain looking skin!


The steps most of Korean women follow in a daily basis are what differs them from the others. The truth is, nowadays, these steps have become so popular, almost every Us and European woman knows about them. For all the skeptical females out there, staying loyal to their expensive and famous brands that spend millions in promoting their foundations and cover ups, we might have a little advice for you: Why don’t you try just once the real deal? Korean skin care secrets might just make you see the results you have been searching for so long…

Here are the ultimate Korean skin care steps:

Eye makeup removal

This is the first step which involves removing your entire make up with a cotton pad. Select an oil based cleanser and start gently removing your oil based makeup especially from your eyes.


For a perfect result, select a water based cleanser to gently remove all the makeup and impurities with a cotton pad. Be careful to apply the cleanser at every part of your face with circular motions. Korean women believe that the proper way of cleaning is the key to a healthy and radiant skin. That is why they prop to double clean the face, but in the second step, your main focus should be your face, not your eyes.


Even though you may not apply this step every day, it is important to know where it stands on the 10-steps list. K-beauty experts claim that this step should be applied at least three times a week. Exfoliator removes your dead skin cells and let your other products to get fully absorbed by the healthy skin. Exfoliator sets your blocked pores free and makes your skin appear cleaner and healthier. Try to mostly focus on the areas where pores and black heads are more visible.


On this stage, your face is very fragile and it needs a toner/refresher to calm down and be ready to better absorb the following treatments. Many women skip toner, but Korean Beauty brands have been always focused on this product. The most important: it restores your pH balance. K-beauty experts really promote applying toner every time as the forth step because it’s vital for your delicate skin.


Just like the toner, the essence is considered to be one of the most essential parts of your face treatment. Or better say, is the utmost part of your face regimen! It helps your skin to be more elastic and boosts your skins cellular renewal process. It is a product similar to ampules or serums but its consistency is a little bit more like water (just like toner).

Ampoule, serum treatments

It just like the essence but it has much more powers. And its consistency is different from essence too. Its main purpose is to directly work on every problem that your skin might have. It deeply helps your skin to be more elastic, to destroy every age issue that is ready to appear and also, to deeply hydrate and feed your skin with its vitamin-rich elements.

Sheet mask

The sheet mask is a Korean beauty tip perfect for every type of skin and every age. The main benefit of this mask is to hydrate and prevent wrinkles on your skin. Depends on what your skin needs the most, you can choose a rich in vitamin C mask for a brighter skin tone, a snail mucus for a deep hydrating it and a lot more. Just like the exfoliator, this mask should be applied two to three times a week.

Eye cream

Once you have finished with all the previous steps, now your skin is finally ready to absorb the final ingredients. These ingredients help moisturize and protect the delicate areas such are underneath your eyes. An eye cream will also eliminate your dark circles and deeply hydrate your skin cells.


A pre-final step to give your skin a soft and delicate touch. Do not underestimate this step. It is responsible your skins regeneration!

Night cream

The point of night cream is to make sure your skin will stay well hydrated through night. Korean skin care products promote organic/natural ingredients for best effect. Some of them are: Algae Extract, Apple Extract, Arnica Extract, Bamboo Extract etc. You just have to choose…